Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Since I don't think it's appropriate to post pics of Hannah in this state I've decided to post pics of her little world right now. This picture shows one corner of Hannah's ICU room. So many people have dropped by and expressed their love and concern and brought balloons, blankets, cards, pictures, stuffed animals and so much more. Here are just a few of the gifts that have been given to help bring comfort and encouragement to Hannah and her family.

Another gift, that's going to the hospital tomorrow, is this Radio Flyer wagon from our neighbor Sam, a veteran of Primary Children's Medical Center. He said a wagon is a must-have in that hospital for a couple of reasons: 1) to cart all the gifts and gear when she changes rooms or taking stuff to the car; and 2) taking Hannah for rides around the hospital as soon as she's ready. He also said to have all the doctors, nurses and specialists sign it so she will always know how many people cared for her at the hospital. What an awesome gift!! Thanks Sam!

Now for the update. Hannah gave us more reasons to be hopeful today. She has spent more and more time off the ventilator last night and today and they're hoping she'll be totally off tomorrow. The docs want to start fixing her jaw and are getting ready to wire her jaw shut so that can start healing. In order to do that she has to be off the ventilator and they've proposed doing a tracheotomy in case she needs help breathing. I'm not going to lie, it disturbs me that they would do that to a little girl but the doc has assured Hannah's parents that it's a minor procedure and it will heal very well. So, we trust the doctors know what they're doing and hope she continues to grow stronger and won't need to use the trach tube. But, with a jaw that's wired shut it sounds like it's time to learn sign language.

Hannah's been responding to pain like most people would...irritation, anger, agitation...and today she responded to be tickled by smiling! Billie said it was sooo cute. We love hearing news like that and hope to have little victories, little celebrations each day.

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