Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hannah's 1st Surgery

Here are a few pictures from my visit with Hannah today with some pictures of items around Primary Children's Hospital.

When I arrived just after lunch, Hannah was being prepped for her first surgery. At first the doctors were planning on wiring her jaw shut to help the jaw heal, which is fractured; however after reviewing the procedures and risks of damaging her permanent teeth not yet in they decided to insert a metal plate. The metal plate acts like a bandaid bracing the fracture together and will be in place for about 6 weeks at which time the doctors will remove the plate.

Other than this major step, Hannah looked really good. Her swelling continues to decrease. Her bruise on her eye and check are healing (slowly). Because of the surgery she continues to have breathing assistance, but as she gets stronger she will rely less and less on the machine.

Another step taken today was the removal of the breathing tube in her throat and the implementation of a trach. The trach was inserted for safety and possible emergency situations that may arise in the future.

Overall Hannah continues to make positive baby steps...stay tuned for Mark J.


Adam and Elissa said...

Glad to hear she is recovering (even if slowly) - she is in each of our families prayers.

Obtuse1 said...

Thanks for the continued updates. It's great for us to be able to get your insights into what's going on.

We continue to pray for Hannah and hope for her steady recovery.

waynejj said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. We continue to have Hannah in our prayers. Loved seeing the gifts and thoughtful comments, what a great deal of support!