Monday, March 26, 2012

Hannah's New Buddy

This is Hannah's new companion at the hospital. When we checked in at the hospital last Tues night, the security guard gave this Care Bear to Jaxy to give to Hannah. It's been right next to her in her bed ever since. I wonder if she knows it's there? I wonder if it gives her the comfort we hope it does.

More good news at the end of this day. Hannah was off the ventilator all day long which was a great accomplishment. As soon as she can breath on her own and get enough oxygen she'll be moved out of ICU. She opened her eyes again today but she's pretty groggy so falls back asleep.

Jaxy also had a successful day going back to school. Although he was apprehensive at first, he fell quickly into the routine and even talked about Hannah and what it's like at the hospital. We appreciate all the help and support that is available to him from his teacher, the school counselor and the principal.

Two big days for a brother and sister who are so lucky to have each other.


Angie said...

So glad to hear she is making progress. We are praying at out house. Thanks for the updates.


Joy Olson said...

We're humbled everyday by the power of God and His goodness to his children. Why devastating accidents happen is a mystery, but prayers, fasting, and special blessings help bring comfort and healing. Hannah is certainly in our families prayers. Every day will be a special gift as she makes progress inches at a time. Our hope for a quick healing is ever present in our hearts. We love you all!