Monday, August 30, 2010

The Last Hoorah!

The last hoorah before school starts back up began on Friday with a trip to the pool with a bunch of moms and kids from our ward. It was a ton of fun as the mom's showed off their long-suppressed tricks on the diving board. I wish I would have taken my camera for proof but trust me, it was hilarious and the winners of the competition were:

Longest Dive goes to Marni (her facial expressions won this event for her).
Best Cannonball goes to Teresa and her sychronized diving partner, Dallin.
Best Back Dive goes to Amber...what form!
Best Toe Touch goes to Jana...STRETCH!
Highest Butt in the air goes to me...the pike will do it every time.
Best Flip...can't remember.
And Rebecca won the award for holding out the longest...15 years!!! Hopefully,it won't be another 15 years before she goes off the diving board again.

That night we took off for the mountains and the cool, crisp air. We rode horses, Mark went on a mountain bike ride and the kids just played and played.


This is me riding "Roy" on top of the world. What a view!


Josie and I went for a short ride. She loved it.


Today was the first day of school and here are Em and Linds in their first day outfits. The drop off went tears...much better than last year. Both girls really like their teachers and they're willing to go back tomorrow. Phew!

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Obtuse1 said...

Those mountain shots are great. I would love to experience some of the cool, clean air.

The girls are getting so grown up. super cute too!