Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mountains vs. Desert

Last week Mark and I took separate vacations. He went with a bunch of guys from our ward on what they called a "Scout backpacking trip" to the Uintahs. What they don't want everyone to know is there were 11 men and only 3 scouts. If they hadn't recruited those 3 scouts (and one of them was from a different stake) they would had to have called it a "Men's Only Trip" and none of their wives would have let them go. Mark is so lucky to have such a cool wife who encouraged him to go. he he he

He had a great time hiking, fishing and riding horses. The girls and I went to Lake Powell with my family for a few days and we had a blast. Mark had the camera so I don't have any pics of our trip but here are some from his trip.




Karen said...

So how did you like the separate vacations? We love them in our house

Obtuse1 said...

I miss the mountains! I can almost feel the cool, clean air. So who all went down to Powell?

Amy said...

We missed Mark and Mark missed us. He was really torn between the two destinations but he doesn't get to go hiking and fishing very often so I encouraged him to go. Craig, Luka, Elsa, Eve's sis, Heidi and her husband Rodney, ma, pa, Dave and his kids and EmiLinds, Josie and I all went to Lake Powell. Oh yeah, and Dash the Dog.