Saturday, October 23, 2010

Are you serious?

Okay. I know it's been awhile since I last updated my blog but almost two months have gone by? Seriously, I thought it had been just a couple of weeks, maybe three. I'm a bag blogger! Well, here's a little of what's been going on since Aug. 31.

Mark's bro and sis came from SLC and Phoenix, respectfully, with their daughter and son, respectfully, and met us at Lake Powell over Labor Day weekend. It was just like during the days but it cooled off so nicely at night we could actually sleep. We had a really good time waterskiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, riding waverunners, tubing, cliff jumping and swimming. And of course we hit the marina for ice cream and carp feeding.

A couple weeks after that we headed north for a trip to Lagoon during Frightmares. It's always been fun to take the kids there even when they were really little but this time was especially fun because Emily is tall enough to ride every ride. I was amazed when she got on The Rocket rides, Blast Off and Re-entry. This is a 217 ft tall tower that shoots you up in the air at 4.5G's. The re-entry is a 200 ft free fall. The last time I rode that ride I thought my entire stomach was going to come up my throat and I screamed so loud my voice was gone the rest ofthe day. Then she rode Wicked which again, shoots you straight up in the air only to drop you straight down the other side. She's a thrill-seeker! Yeah!

Josie had so much fun riding the kiddie rides and Lindsey was able to ride most of the rides. In a couple of years she will be able to ride all of them. That's going to be really fun. I miss my kids being little but it's sure fun to do big kid things with them.

This is a picture of Lindsey picking out her pumpkin at the local pumpkin patch.

That brings us to last weekend when we headed back to Lake Powell for one last trip of the year. It was Fall Break so we got a long weekend and the weather was beautiful. The water has started to cool down but it was still swimmable, the water was smooth and the sky was a deep blue that you'll only find in the fall.

We took a couple of friends this time and had a blast. Emily and Lindsey both got up on the kneeboard behind the boat for the first time. It was really funny because they were both pretty nervous about starting in water but as soon as we put the boat in gear, they popped up and got onto the board. It was the funniest thing to watch...the boat was barely moving but I guess it was just enough to get them up.

This picture is of a tarantula we found crossing the stream in Moki Canyon. I've never come across one of those in Lake Powell.

A couple days later was my dad's 71st bday and now it's time for Halloween. The fun never stops!


Obtuse1 said...

It's about time you posted. Your killing me with the Lake Powell posts though!

Amy said...

I do that on purpose to get you out here. :)