Wednesday, April 11, 2012

School Fundraisers

The "Hats ON For Hannah" Fundraiser at Creekview Elementary is going great. The student body and faculty have donated over $230 so far and we have one more day to go. Hats ON Day is Friday.

Parents and kids from other schools in the area have read this blog and wanted to do the same at their schools. I know Sally Mauro and Bruin Point are both doing a "Hats ON For Hannah" Day soon. The kids have gone to their principals and made arrangements with their student councils and are doing a magnificent job. There are some amazing, compassionate, generous people out there...including kids!


Joelle said...

Hi There, Can you tell me more? My daughter is on the student council, and I am sure she would love to present to them the fundraiser.

Amy J said...

Each child who brought a dollar to school to donate to Hannah's recovery is able to wear a hat to school on Fri. We have collected money for last three days. The kids who organized it made posters to advertise at the school and the sec has done a parent link. We also sent 1/2 page flyers home. If you end up doing it, bring the money our store, Bill's Home Furnishings, and we'll deposit it into her recovery account. Thanks, Joelle.