Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Out of ICU

Today was Hannah's second day in her new room in the Neuroscience Trauma Unit and she's getting used to her new surroundings...she has a window now! She's still working on coming out of the coma which takes some time. She's awake for awhile and then falls back to sleep for awhile. Her grandma Knott went to see her today and Hannah focused on her when Dave told her that grandma's here.

She's getting pretty tired of laying on her back so they moved her into a wheelchair and she was able to sleep soundly being in a different position. When Hannah's not napping she spends her time listening to music, watching a little TV and having books and get well cards read to her.

Ever since Hannah's accident two weeks ago, kids in the neighborhood, ward and school have wanted to do something to help. They have wanted to organize and hold some kind of fundraiser to help Hannah with her recovery and they've decided to do a really fun fundraiser at Creekview Elementary next week. The children are usually prohibited from wearing hats to school but next Friday, April 13 we'll be having "Hats ON for Hannah" day. Kids will be able to wear a hat to school that day if they bring $1 which will go to help Hannah get the therapy she's going to need to have a successful recovery. If you have a child at Creekview, have them bring their money any day next week and they can wear a hat to school on Friday.

I'll have some pics to post tomorrow, hopefully.


Lisa said...

Thanks for the updates, Amy! I hear things every few days from my parents but it's nice to hear them first hand. Please know that we are only a few minutes away from PCMC if you need anything at all.
Go Hannah!!!

celia said...

I get so excited every time I read of Hannah's progress. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Yeah Hannah!! Celia

waynejj said...

Want to support the Friday Hat's Off for Hannah event, please let me know where donations should go then it can bel announced to friends here in Florida and Houston

Kayla C. said...

I like Wayne's idea. Why can't we have the other schools do this in support of Hannah as well. She has effected everyone in this community. Thanks for the updates Amy, I look forward to seeing your updates.