Sunday, April 1, 2012


I took my girls up to PCMC yesterday for the first time since the accident. Jaxy was so excited to give them the tour of the hospital and Hannah's room and he discussed with them what each tube and monitor was like an old pro. I think he should be a doctor. He wants to be a paleontologist.

Hannah looks really beautiful. Her hair is braided, the tubes are out of her mouth and she had a beautiful lip gloss on. I was surprised to see how few computers, monitors and tubes she has now. She's passed the critical stage and currently has the IV, the trach, a feeding tube and some monitors on her chest. That seems so minimal compared to the 20 different tubes and lines she was hooked up to last week.

They are slowly weaning her off the sedation meds and pain killers...just a little bit everyday. She still sleeps alot and I can see that she's healing on the outside. Her eye has returned to its normal size and the bruise is almost totally gone. The swelling on the side of her head has gone down and the nurse assured us the brain swelling has gone down a little.

We had good news this morning as the doctor came for a visit. She responded to his command to move her fingers! That's very encouraging because we haven't seen much progress for the last couple of days.

I want to thank the ER staff at Castleview Hospital for stabilizing Hannah and taking such good care of her in those first crucial hours and for the prayers they have offered everyday since then. Thank you.


Val (Jace's Mom) said...

I saw a comment on an earlier post suggesting that Primary Children's will cover Hannah's medical costs, and that her parents don't need donations. I have a sick child, and Primary Children's has never reduced our bill by any amount. I also know many other parents in our area that have children that visit Primary Children's regularly. Same story with their bill. Not to mention all of the expense of staying in SLC, and not being able to work. Just the traveling back and forth can be very expensive. Please be generous to this family. They need our help.

Amy J said...

Thanks for your comment, Val. In order for Hannah to have a really good recovery/rehabilition she's going to need a lot of therapy that her insurance isn't going to cover. So any help that you could give to this family would be very much appreciated. They absolutely do need help.