Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snowboarding Trip

My friend and I were talking about her kids' piano lessons and their teacher last week and she told me that this particular teacher is so good that some parents take their kids out of school for their lesson because she can't fit everyone in after school. I thought that was a very interesting idea and since Friday was going to be a beautiful day and Mark had the day off we decided to take our kids out of school for their snowboarding "lessons". he he he

It was one of those perfect days that is great for spring skiing. When we were on the lift it was almost too hot so we took gloves and hats off but had to put them back on for the ride down the mtn. The kids did great again and Emily is really getting the hang of it. She even tried out the half-pipe a couple of times before she fell and hit her head on the snow. It was the end of the day anyway so we decided to call it quits. We're are renting helmets next time. I guess it takes kids a long time before they figure out how to ride "toe-side" so all of their weight and pressure is put on their heals which really tires out the legs. Lindsey's legs were really tired by lunch and she only lasted a couple more hours after that. It probably didn't help that she went to bed late because she was sleeping over with her good buddy Luka the night before.
This is us enjoying our chili lunch in the lodge.

We probably won't make it skiing again this season but at least we have something to look forward to when the temperatures drop at the end of year.

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