Friday, March 26, 2010

Josie Goes on the Potty!

Several times last week when Mark went to check on Josie before he went to bed, he found her buck naked. She had even taken her diaper off and was laying in her crib sound asleep without a stitch of clothing on. And she was dry! So on Monday I decided to try a little bit of potty training, not really thinking that she would actually catch on because she hadn't shown any interest in wearing panties or sitting on the potty.

She peed through two pair of panties within 10 minutes so we decided to go bare-bum and see what happened. I parked the potty next to her while she watched some cartoons and it worked! That day she peed on the potty 6 times! The next day she pooped on the potty 14 times! Seriously. Each day she has done so well except for a couple of accidents but that is to be expected. I am so happy for her but also kind of sad because my little baby is growing up and I don't want that to happen so quickly.

This is Josie flushing the potty after a successful attempt! Go Jo!

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Obtuse1 said...

Good job Podie! These milestones are bittersweet. It's nice to reach them but sad to realize that time keeps marching by.