Sunday, February 28, 2010

Living Vicariously?

Emily had another gymnastics meet yesterday and because of the location she didn't have any space or time to warm up. She ended up taking 5th place which was kind of a bummer but I guess that happens when you don't practice. She was really disappointed because she felt she had done better than the other girls but after looking at the video we saw some places where she had messed up. Even though she was bummed she wants to compete again and try to do better so we were happy with that decision.

Just an hour before that she had a basketball game in which I am her coach. We hadn't won a game yet and have only scored 2 or 3 baskets the whole season but we ended up winning that game 12-2!! Emily only took one shot and just barely missed.

Lindsey is working on passing off her next three sets of sight words which will put her at 325 so far. They are required to pass off 100 to move on to 1st grade. Lindsey wants to be like her big sister and pass off 1000 words before the end of the year.

We've been watching the Olympics every night for the last two weeks and I'm feeling this very competitive feeling taking over in me. I want my kids to be champions sooooo bad. I don't want to be "one of those parents" but I think it's starting to overtake me and I have to remember to take some deep breaths, they are just little kids. Is it just me or does anybody else out there have those same feelings?

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