Saturday, February 13, 2010

Boarder Chicks

The girls have a long weekend so we decided to take them snowboarding at Brighton Friday. No other schools were out except for theirs so it wasn't crowded at all. The whole weekend was supposed to be sunny and clear so we thought it would be a perfect day. I haven't skied in probably 5 or 6 years and Mark only snowboards once a year so I was a little nervous that I wouldn't remember how or I would hurt myself...fall on my knee or something.

Down in the valley the skies were clear but looking up at the mountains we noticed this huge dark snow cloud stuck right on top. I thought, "Oh great, here we go. It's going to be cold and snowing at the girls are going to last 20 minutes and be done." When we got to the resort, the snowplow flags were whipping in the wind. The sun was completely obscured and snow was blowing off the cabins and lodge in huge swirls.

We went up to the rental shop and got our gear. How cute are those snowboards!!! How cute are those boarder babes! By the time we got out on the slopes the wind had mellowed a bit and the temp wasn't too bad. The plan was to have Mark teach them how to board. Now, when Mark and I were dating I attempted to snowboard. Mark said he would "teach" me and it went something like this: When we got off the lift for the first run of the morning he said, "Okay, see you at the bottom." We must have already been married because I would have dumped him then and there if we had just been dating. After an entire day of falling on my butt and knees over and over and over again, I was in so much pain I could hardly walk. And it didn't go away after a good nights sleep. I have never been so sore in all of my life and it lasted the entire week. Needless to say, I haven't been on a snowboard since. When the pain/fun ratio is too high, there is no point in doing it.

So, I reminded Mark that he actually had to teach them how to snowboard. We made our way down to the ski lift and there was an instructor off to the side teaching a 5 year old how to board before she got on the lift. I told Mark, "Do what she's doing. Just copy what she is telling that kid." So, that is how we taught them how to board. We copied what the instructors were doing with their students.

THEY DID SO AWESOME!!! I don't even know how to snowboard but I have to say that Mark and I did a pretty good job teaching them. We spent the morning on the bunny hill. After a yummy lunch in the lodge, we headed back out and joined up with Craig and Luka. We did a couple more runs and then headed to the Majestic lift to take the girls to a more challenging run. They did sooooo good! The first part of the run was a blue and they pushed their way down that part. The rest of the run was green but wide and long and they both went the whole rest of the way without falling. They got into their rhythm and just cruised, switching from right foot to left foot smoothly. We did that run two more times and then it was time to go. We are definitely going again before the season is over.

Today, I'm so sore and my knee hurts but the fun factor was much higher than the pain factor this time.


Obtuse1 said...

Wow, that looks so fun. I wish we could have been there. I totally understand what you were saying about the pain/fun ratio. That's pretty much when I quit skiing, when my ratio was 90/10= 9.

Karen said...


I love the part about copying what the instructor was doing instead of just paying them to instruct your kids. Looks like it worked!

Amy said...

D-We wish you could have been there too. When we were riding the lift we were talking about how we wish all the cousins could be there learning how to snowboard. We miss you.

Angie said...

So fun. I am totally see your girls boarding! I am not surprised they did so well. Lindsay was riding a two wheeler when she was barely two... with no training wheels. I think she rode before Tanner did.

thelda Wimmer said...

It looks like you had so much fun. I really want to take my kids and try it out, but I am very rusty and am not sure I could teach them anything. Let us know if you go again. By the way, this is Karra not my mom.