Monday, December 6, 2010


As you can tell, I'm trying to catch up on recent events from the past two weeks. Three days after Josie's birthday was Thanksgiving so the family got together again to eat lots of food. It was a pretty quiet Thanksgiving. We couldn't go outside for our annual rabbit hunt/target practice because it was about 5 degrees outside...okay, that's an exaggeration, it was 15. So we just hung out at home, played some games, watched movies, went to grandma's house. Kind of like a typical Sunday but without the church thing. Dinner consisted of us, gma and gpa and Dave and his kids although they showed up just as we were finishing dinner and the kids had already eaten.

After dinner we played a couple rousing games of Battleship. Emily and I beat Jaxton and Gpa (without cheating) and then I beat Gpa! That was probably the highlight of Thanksgiving. Wait, I just remembered what the real highlight of Thanksgiving was. I made my own pie crust for the first time ever and it turned out great. However, the process was nerve-racking and I was anxious the rest of the day. At the dinner table everyone was saying how much they were looking forward to eating the pies but I was dreading it. I didn't know if they were going to taste good, if they had cooked all the way through or if the crust was going to be soggy on the bottom. I waited for pops and Davy to take the first bites and they were a hit! Success!! The hardest part though, was trying to get the dough off the counter. Any tips from you pie makers out there?


Karen said...

I don't make pies too often. My pie dish gets used more for chicken pot pie and pizza blobs than actual sweet pie. BUT I would think the pampered chef scrape tool would help get the dough off the counter.
AND I'm glad that it turned out.

Did you end up getting a new pie dish?

Amy said...

Yes and it worked out perfect for my heaping pumpkin pie.