Monday, December 6, 2010

Swissmas and Temple Square

We don't get up to Temple Square to see the lights very often but this year I vowed to make it happen. We met Craig and Eve in Midway to see the 700 nativities they have on display from all over the world(awesome) and the gingerbread house competition (sweet). We decided to keep up with tradition and eat dinner at the Spaghetti Factory at Trolley Square. We go to the Orem restaurant every now and then but it's just not the same. The place was packed as usual so we waited almost an hour and during the wait this little girl was walking toward one of the benches outside of the restaurant. She tripped in just the right spot and went headfirst into the sharp iron leg of the bench. I was standing right there so I helped her up. It took a few seconds but by the time I got her over to her mom blood was squirting out of her head, running down her face and all over her sweater. I felt so bad!!! It took about ten minutes to get it to stop bleeding and she had a huge goose-egg and a star shaped cut on her forehead. And probably a really bad headache to go along with it. Poor girl.

Santa was there so the girls got to sit on his lap but this is as close as Josie would get to him. Maybe next year.

We finally made it out of SF and went to Temple Square that was just packed with people!!! Downtown has changed so much that we didn't know where to park. It took about 30 more minutes to find a parking place and when we got out of the car it was close to 8:00 at night. Now, if we lived in SLC it wouldn't have been a big deal but having to drive 2 hours to get home it becomes a concern. We took a brief stroll through the crowds around Temple Square and headed back to the car because it had started to rain and the kids gloves were all wet from sticking them in the fountains. Lindsey said she had to test it to see if it was real water. Oh,it was real...and cold! We got home really late that night but had a good time and got to feel some Christmas cheer.


Obtuse1 said...

Sounds like a great evening. That drive home is a killer though. Literally and figuratively.

Are you guys up for another trip to TS when we get up there?

Amy said...

Sure. We're leaving that whole week open.