Saturday, July 10, 2010

Huntington Triathlon

Mark and Emily ran the San Rafael Classic Triathlon at the Huntington State Park today. This was Mark's second time running this triathlon and he finished 9th overall and third in his age group. Last year was quite an interesting experience. He finished second in his age group...right behind my ex-boyfriend from high school (Mike from Emery County for those of you who might remember) and the guy I broke up with probably 4 different times! Boy, was that awkward. I was really hoping he would be there today because Mark has gotten much faster but he wasn't. Oh well, maybe next time.

Emily did great finishing 10th in the girls division. It was a blast watching her. She got right in on the swim and Mark helped her with the transition to the bike where she got passed up by quite a few racers because she was on a Huffy bike from WalMart with no gears. She did really good on the run and after she finished I asked her how she felt. She said, "I feel GREAT! That was so fun!" Oh, to be young again. Mark is hurting pretty bad tonight but Emily went throughout the day completely unphased.
Emily is the in middle of the picture in the black life jacket.

The girls had a great time playing the water while we waited for Emily's race to start. I think next year Lindsey will do it too.


Karen said...

Love the pics and the spirit of Emily! Also love the new blog background.

Obtuse1 said...

That is awesome that both Mark and Emily were able to compete. It'll be fun to watch how Emily progresses. Be sure to keep us updated.