Saturday, July 10, 2010

Girls Camp

I've been at Girl's Camp all week where I had the great pleasure of celebrating my 29th birthday...again. I've been 29 for a few years now and maybe next year I'll turn 30...depends on how I feel. I would post some pics of my cute young women but I don't think their parents would appreciate that. We had a great time up at Flaming Gorge where we ran the river twice and went on a beautiful hike along the rim trail overlooking the lake.

The day we got there was hot and sunny so we decided to run the river the next day in the afternoon instead of in the morning as we had planned. We hung out all morning and headed down to the river after lunch.

The minute we got on the water, the clouds came in and the temperature dropped 10 degrees. The water in the river is 55 degrees but that didn't stop us from jumping/falling in and having water fights with the other boats. Our ward had brought very few "weapons" so I decided to jump from our boat to another and steal some weapons because we were getting killed (soaked). I made it to the other boat but on my way back with their water cannon in hand, they pushed me overboard and I fell into the freezing cold water. I got back into the boat barely able to breathe because of the shock of the cold water and then it started raining...hard...and it rained pretty much the rest of the 2 1/2 hour trip.

We had a blast despite our feet being numb and our bodies shivering the whole trip. We turned the oars over the young women and proceeded down the river in circles, going down rapids backwards and hitting every rock in the river. It was hilarious. We laughed so hard our sides hurt. When we finally reached the take out, the clouds parted and the sun came out. We all laid out on the concrete and warmed up. It felt so good. When I tried to get out of the boat, though, I almost fell on my face. My body had stiffened into a sitting position from being so cold and shivering for so long. I had to lay down to stretch out and I was chilled to the bone the rest of the day.

The next day we ran the river in the morning and had sun most of the time. Sure enough, when we pulled the boats out just after noon the clouds rolled in and the second we got back to camp it started hailing and then rained for the next four hours.

This is the view from our hike. The weather was perfect for the hike but again, just after noon and at the end of our hike, another storm rolled in. The clouds were dark and the wind blew and blew but it didn't rain that time.

This is me hiding from the freezing cold wind trying to eat my sandwich after the hike. We had a great time and it was nice to get away for a few days and not have to wipe anyone's nose or bum or cut anybody's food for them and nobody got in a least not in our ward. Good times!

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