Friday, January 8, 2010


Update on ice skating injuries...Ryan had surgery on his elbow recently but Jenny says he's recovering nicely although the first 24 hours were really rough.  Go Ryan!  My knee is still a bit swollen and sore.  Went to the doc yesterday and he said I need to have my knee scoped.  I think I'll wait on that...see if my knee will heal on it's own.  


Obtuse1 said...

That really stinks! (about your knee). I think you have a decent chance of it healing if you don't abuse it too much. I probably should've had both my knees scoped years ago but they still keep working good enough that I never get it done.

Esther said...

Sorry about the injuries. I appreciate you posting to the Blog as it gives me a sense of knowing about my relatives. Have a good winter. Esther