Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sisters, sisters...

For the last few months, everyone has been asking for updated pics of the girls. Here are some of my favorites. For Mother's Day, Mark and the girls gave me a hammock stand so I can use the hammock we have been storing for the last 5 years. Unfortunately, everytime I touch it, the girls hop on with me.

Here is Lindsey on her 4th birthday with Hannah next to her. Yes, I made that beautiful, lopsided cake! Lindsey loved it. She had her first friend party with 7 girls from her dance class, church and Hannah and Jaxton. Jaxy stayed outside most of the time. Too many girl cooties floating around.

This is Emily on the last day of school with her awesome teacher, Miss Tawna. She's really going to miss her. Emily had a great year in kindergarten...she is doing upper 1st grade math and reading at a 3rd or 4th grade level. Pretty good for a girl who could only read 3 words going into Kindergarten. Kids are required to pass off 100 sight words (most commonly used words) before going to 1st grade and Emily passed off 1000! She was competing with a boy from her class and one from the class next door. Everytime they passed off another set, Emily would jump up and tell her teacher that she wanted to pass off some more even though she hadn't practiced them and most of the time she did it! I wonder where she got her competitiveness? Grandma and Grandpa?

We are so proud of her and Lindsey might turn out to be just as smart. Emily is teaching her things she learned in Kindergarten so she'll probably start Preschool out way ahead of kids who have been in it for an extra year. We'll see.


Obtuse1 said...

That was an awesome update. It makes my heart ache that we cant be there to share in the moments. Cant wait to see you guys in July.

SKnott said...

Go Emily! I can't wait to see all you guys in the summer.