Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hospital Visit

I just got back from the hospital visiting with mother. They moved her out of ICU to the regular ward so the girls were able to go with me. Mother seemed to love having them there even though they were bouncing off the walls. She looks good, has color in her cheeks, etc., but when she talks it's like she's aged 15 years. I'm hoping it's just because she's groggy from the pain meds and the tube they had down her throat a few days ago.

She's still experiencing pain and there's still bile drainage which means the bile duct hasn't closed up yet. I had to tell the nurse to speak up when she talks to her because of her hearing. Even though mother nods as if she understands the directions she was just given, she actually didn't hear anything the nurse said.

In other news, Emily has been going to a summer camp at her school with her best friends and is having a blast. They have a theme every week and this weeks is Fairytales and Imagination. Yesterday, they made sock and sack puppets and today each group put on a puppet show.

Lindsey went to a summer camp at her preschool and had a great time too. She has this week off and asks everyday when she's going back to school. She loves it. We've been doing a preschool workbook at home and she cruised through it. She's so ready for preschool.

Josie is almost 7 months old now and is getting to be so cute and fun. She's proving to have just as much energy as her sisters. The girl won't hold still! She's got the biggest smile and she's not afraid to use it!


Mark said...

So what, like nothing has happened out there in Price over the last month? People are reading this thing you know. Get on with it dude!

The Real MJ

Administrator Alice said...

Thank you for having a blog I can keep up with you. Nancy is here with me now as she and Charles are returning home from the Hill Comorah pageant where they volunteered. They had a great time and then here Nancy did a genealogy class for our ward. I am sorry your mom has been sick but hope she is better now. I love you, Alice

AmyJ said...
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AmyJ said...

What? Who is the real MJ and what are talking about?