Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hannah's Home

Hannah came home last Thursday and we are so grateful to have her back. She come home about a month ahead of schedule and her docs, nurses and therapists all agree that Hannah's quick recovery from such severe brain damage is truly a miracle. She isn't out of the woods yet...she will need a lot of speech therapy to be able to organize and express her thoughts but we're optimistic that she will be able to relearn that.
We went to the Emergency Preparedness Fair on Saturday at the Fairgrounds. The ambulance was there with a dummy strapped to the bed with an intibation tube and air bag attached. I showed my kids and told them that's what they had done to Hannah and then we talked to the EMT, Tanner Hackney, who happened to be at the scene of Hannah's accident. Here's a picture of Tanner and Jennifer Maxfield who worked together to get Hannah to the hospital. They were so happy to hear that Hannah is home and doing well. They have been very concerned about her and expressed how hard it was to have to work on a little girl in such an incredibly critical situation.
Our family is so grateful to all the first responders who were there and worked on Hannah...Carbon County EMT's, Price City Fire Dept, Carbon County Sheriff's Dept, Utah Highway Patrol and of course the doctors and nurses at Castleview Hospital who stabilized her enough to be sent on Life Flight.

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