Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

It's been a really busy week.  Last Sunday, we celebrated Josie's 2nd bday (I need to find the pics.  Hopefully they're on the other camera.)  On Wednesday, we started swimming lessons again.  On Thursday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with a traditional rifle outing.  The younger kids weren't too interested so they went hiking but Emily and Jaxton turned out to be sharp-shooters with the pink Cricket gun.  Emily hit some pretty good targets.  We found out that pumpkins make really good targets.  We had a mostly-empty spray paint can sitting on a log with a pumpkin.  Emily shot the can and spray paint sprayed out of the hole and painted the pumpkin.  It was hilarious.  She was so excited we had to take a picture of it. 

You'll never guess what we did.  We are having so much fun with Dash that we decided to get another puppy!  Just kidding.  Because we stayed in town while all of our friends left town, we ended up dog-sitting, chicken-sitting and rabbit-sitting.  This pic is the two puppies snuggly during nap time.  So cute!  They had so much fun together it did make us think about adopting one of Dash's bro's from the pound.  

On Friday, we played with the dogs all day and the girls had a sleep-over at our house that night.  On Saturday, Mark and I went with Craig and Eve to the Utah/BYU game.  It was a really fun game to see but we were disappointed with the outcome.  GO UTES!!!


Obtuse1 said...

I think we saw you at the game! Unfortunately we were watching it on the tube. It was pretty exciting at the end. Oh well, this was a rebuilding year.

Amy said...

We were small dot of red and black in a sea of blue!

thelda Wimmer said...

I love Emily's shirt,,, it rocks.