Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a Day

We made a trip to SLC this weekend to attend Grandma J's funeral.  The trip started out pretty rough as I forgot to bring the Jello blocks I was supposed to bring for the luncheon (actually I didn't even remember to make them), a slip for Emily's see-through dress (she wore shorts underneath instead), dress shoes for both girls (they wore their dirty, ragged flip-flops) and a swimsuit for myself (I baked in the sun instead of swam).  However, we didn't forget to bring any of the kids...that's always a good thing.  

The funeral was a very nice celebration of Lily's life and we enjoyed the rest of the weekend with friends and family who had come from all over the country to be there.  After getting past all the things we forgot, it turned out to be a nice trip.  

For anyone who may have been offended by Josie's rejections, please understand that that is the stage she's in right now and she will be over it in about 5 years.  I think she was also feeling out of her element because she seems to be so happy to be home and able to crawl all over the house getting her toys.  


Karen said...

Was someone offended at Lindsey? I thought they were pretty funny. Plus how could you be offended by such a cute girl.

Amy said...

You never know. They all looked kind of bummed and surprised that she wouldn't go to them.