Monday, July 28, 2008

Las Vegas

Well, I'm all alone this week as everyone (Mark, mom, dad, Craig and Eve) all went to Las Vegas for furniture market. I thought about taking the girls and going down there too but since Vegas' motto has been "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" over the last few years, it's become less and less family friendly. Plus it's just way too hot right now and packing three kids around in 115 degree heat all day is not at all appealing to me. So, we are hanging back in Price this week. Darren and his family left to go home on Tues. We had a crazy dinner at Grogg's on Monday night with everyone who was in town. The place was packed-I guess dinner at Grogg's is a pretty popular Family Home Evening activity-and there was one waitress. It took over an hour to get our food and the kids, all of them, were going absolutely nutso.

Emily is in basketball camp this week and next and is really enjoying it. She has such a hard time taking instruction from Mark and I that we have to have other people teach her things that we could very well teach her for free! We went swimming at the Helper pool yesterday and everyone had a blast. Even Josie loves to be in the water. Lindsey is just an amazing little swimmer. She has no fear and will go off the diving board often showing up many kids twice her age. I think she actually thinks she's a dolphin sometimes.


SKnott said...

groggs has the best pizza!

I love Lindsey's spider girl dive.

Member of the Vernier Family said...

An interesting note about Las
Vegas - One of the gals I take beading classes from lived in Las Vegas for 11 years -she moved away 4 years ago - she said the reason for the motto - What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas - isthe recent new mayor. The former mayor tried to keep things a little bit more "family friendly" but this present mayor is the reason for the Vegas image that now exists. Interesting!!!