Saturday, September 20, 2008


The next person who walks up to me and says, "Oh, look, my two month old baby is bigger than your 10 month old!" will get their head ripped off.  After three kids who are on the bottom of the growth charts I am so tired of hearing that.  I can't take it anymore.  I'm going to scream!!!  No, I think I will just point out that "yes, my kids may be smaller BUT THEY'RE A LOT CUTER!!"

On another note, Emily wants to be Pippy Long Stockings for Halloween.  Anyone know where I can get the braided pigtails or how to make them?



Angie said...

Yeah! Happy to see your family and read about your lives. We miss you as neighbors, but gald we're still friends!! My girls were both really small, too. I say that like they are so big now... Who cares, their adorable!! Love Emily's little Kindergarten comments. She's quick. And lastly, please no more Lake Powell pictures until you take us with you.. it's torture!!

Karen said...

just do an ebay search for the wig - plenty of options..

Member of the Vernier Family said...

I have the same suggestion as Karen - a web search for Halloween costumes should find what you are
looking for.

julianne orth said...

that is so funny, i get it on the opposite end though with my large children, and it is just as annoying! it has been a little better with kyler though, I guess it is ok for boys to be large.